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Flavors of Rome, the guide to eating near the Spanish Steps. 2

Flavors of Rome, the guide to eating near the Spanish Steps.

A map of the specialties, typical products and the Roman and Italian culinary tradition within walking distance of our establishment.

What better holiday can there be than one that, apart from offering spectacular scenery in the age-old beauty of Rome, is able to satisfy the palate with delicious meals! Here at Internazionale Domus we are committed to this. The guide aims to introduce our guests to the best Rome and Italian restaurants, a symbol of excellence worldwide. A handbook to consult quickly that provides a handy overview of the restaurants near our residence. Since many tourists come to our country not only for the scenery and culture, but also for the sake of good food we decided to offer our guests an itinerant and tasty journey of appetizing Roman delicacies around about us, checked and updated with the help of feedback from our guests over the years. Many will ask, why another restaurant guide for Rome? Are there are not already many both on the web and in bookstores? Undoubtedly! However, ours seeks to fill a gap, emphasizing the ones closest to and most convenient for us, providing useful and brief information for those who have decided to spend a short vacation or even just a weekend in Rome. We simply set out to meet the needs of our customers.

Osteria Margutta

We start with a classic reference point for those who want to experience Roman cuisine, Osteria Margutta, a little piece of history of the capital's the restaurant business at Via Margutta No. 82. 400 meters from our hotel it can be reached from the Spanish Steps with a pleasant walk of about 3 minutes along beautiful Via Babuino and Via dell'Orto di Napoli. The Osteria Margutta is a lovely and quiet little restaurant that looks like an old small theater complete with stage and stalls. The fittings in red, blue and gold contribute to making it a unique place where you can try famous dishes like spaghetti alla carbonara, rigatoni all'amatriciana, pappardelle alla cacciatore, saltimbocca alla romana ... Do not miss the house tortelloni stuffed with pumpkin, walnuts and truffle. Loved by the world of culture and entertainment, it is famous for the refinement of it ingredients, which are always top quality. There are, in summer, the characteristic tables outside in Via Margutta. We always recommend booking.

Closed on Monday
Sunday lunch only
Via Margutta, 82, 00187 Roma
Tel. +39 063231025

La Matricianella

We continue our tasty journey with the La Matricianella in Via del Leone No. 4, saying immediately never try to go without reserving a table as it is highly popular. Just 500 meters from our hotel (a 6-minute walk from the Spanish Steps) you get there walking along beautiful Via Condotti and Via Borgognona in the direction of Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina. The menu leaves no room for fads but remains firmly attached to all that cuisine of Roman origins. Romans say this is real Roman cuisine: simple, rustic, traditional, prepared with excellent ingredients. Perfect gnocchi, fettuccine with chicken giblets, the bucatini all'amatriciana, mixed fried vegetables or meat and, to finish up, do not miss the Jewish ricotta and chocolate dessert. The restaurant is small, with three tiny but fascinating rooms.

Closed on Sunday
Via del Leone, 4, 00186 Roma
Tel. +39 066832100


If you are not already putting on weight, we move on to an exclusive restaurant overlooking Rome from on nigh: Hi-Res in Via della Fontanella No. 15, just 650 meters from the Spanish Steps, you get there by going along Via del Babuino in the direction of Piazza del Popolo. With a seven-minute walk you will find yourself in a beautiful location on the top floor of a historic building with a spectacular view over the roofs, roof gardens and terraces of Rome. A unique place where you can taste refined dishes on a large panoramic terrace fully open in the summer and fully heated in winter. At Hi-Res is possible to try traditional Roman recipes and variations inspired by fusion and ethnic cuisine: Tartar bar, Wok corner and grill. In addition, the restaurant's menu will offer you the best selection of wines from cellars all over the world.

Always open
Via della Fontanella, 15, 00187 Roma
Tel. +39 063212905

Ristorante Life

In the same area, an express kitchen, quality ingredients, bread, pasta and homemade desserts, a light and fragrant pizza. We have arrived at the Ristorante Life in Via della Vite No. 28, very close to our hotel, only 350 meters separate us from this restaurant (a four-minute walk from the Spanish Steps) in a secluded street, quiet and elegant which is worth walking along to go and discover this hidden and charming corner. The Ristorante Life is a modern and exciting venue that has chosen to focus on seasonal ingredients and a careful choice of meat and fish dishes, all in a refined and glamorous setting, perfect for a romantic dinner with typical Italian tastes. At Life the evening passes pleasantly between a dish of paccheri with cherry tomatoes, walnuts, sweet eggplant and shrimp and a glass of good wine, from a choice of one hundred labels. The crispy pistachio wafer with cream and strawberries has to be tasted.

Always open
Via della Vite, 28, 00187 Roma
Tel. +39 0669380948


Again nearby on foot, just seven minutes from the Spanish Steps (650 meters from our hotel), is Taste located in Piazza Augusto Imperatore No. 9, which you reach by walking down Via del Babuino and Via Vittoria. It is a large establishment, that all Romans know well, with an atmosphere that is refined and unconventional, leather sofas, black and white portraits, modern art paintings and metal lamps. At Taste you will be really comfortable. Want to eat well? There is the restaurant. Do you want to try a pizza? It is also a pizzeria. Just want to drink a glass of wine? You can. It is a locale of many faces that pays particular attention to the combination of food with fine wines, carefully selected and designed for an audience of enthusiasts. Highly recommended is the locale's pizza bread, generally served hot.

Always open
Piazza di S. Apollinare 41, 00187 Roma
tel. +39 06 68134221

Il Birillo Parlante

Traditional cuisine mixed with creative art to enjoy appetizers, wood-baked pizza, grilled meats and homemade desserts. These are some of the delicacies prepared at the Brillo Parlante, a lovely restaurant in Via della Fontanella at number 12 in a charming alley that starts from Via del Babuino and comes out on Via del Corso (a walk of 650 meters from the Spanish Steps, about 7 minutes). The restaurant welcomes guests at any time even late at night in its spacious rooms inside or outside, with tables heated in winter. The cellar at Brillo Parlante is very rich with more than 400 wine labels from Italy, France and all over the world, as well as a selection of fine brandies and whiskies. For all guests, free wi-fi.

Monday closed for lunch
Via della Fontanella,12 , 00187 Roma
Tel. +39 063243334


We move on to the Ristorante Nino, with a very family atmosphere, opened in the thirties by the brothers Nino and Mario Guarnacci who brought, together with the typical dishes of Tuscany, all their charm. It is located at Via Borgonona No. 11 a few steps from our hotel, crossing Piazza di Spagna (150 meters, on foot it takes about 2 minutes). The Florentine steak has to be tried, the pappardelle al sugo, the white beans, spinach soufflé with chicken livers, the chestnut cake, but above all the famous ribollita soup typical of the Tuscan tradition, prepared with seasonal vegetables. Worthy of note is the wine cellar, well stocked especially with the famous Tuscan reds.

Closed on Sunday
Via Borgognona, 11, 00187 Roma
Tel. +39 066795676

Il Margutta RistorArte

And to please all palates, again in Via Margutta, a few steps from Piazza del Popolo, we find one of the best known and respected vegetarian restaurants in the capital, the Margutta RistorArte. A chilled-out atmosphere with soft music that is really welcoming, colorful and relaxing, which follows the rules of macro and traditional vegetarian cuisine. All dishes are prepared with strictly seasonal and organic produce, carefully presented and beautifully cooked. The menu is very varied, with courses for all tastes, and even the most dedicated carnivores will not regret coming here. Lunch is always a buffet while dinner is by candlelight with an à la carte service.

Always open
Via Margutta, 118, 00187 Roma
Tel. +39 0632650577