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Rome's most beautiful itineraries from the Spanish Steps 2

Rome's most beautiful itineraries from the Spanish Steps

Tourist itineraries to discover the cultural and artistic beauties starting from our apartment hotel

Rome is a city that it seems you will never be able to know enough. Rome is history, culture, myth, legends, colors, happiness. Rome is a city that will remain forever in the hearts of those who have visited it, of those who lived it. Even if you have the opportunity to explore it with a little more calm, you will always have the feeling of having just barely touched it.

There are mountains of information about this beautiful city. At Internazionale Domus we only try to give you our point of view, starting from our splendid Spanish Steps. With this little summary we do not seek to take the place of professional tour guides or experts but to offer simple tips, as we offer them every day to our guests. We want to place our experience and local knowledge at the service of those who want to spend a wonderful Roman holiday in our establishment.

Starting from the Internazionale Domus residence, here are some of tourist walks or itineraries amidst the beauties of Rome that we suggest for you:

From the Spanish Steps to St. Peter's Square
A tour of Rome on foot amidst streets, alleys and monuments to spend an entire day wrapped in the charm of the capital.

We start our tour of Rome on foot leaving from our apartment hotel in Piazza di Spagna in the direction of Via Due Macelli, across Via del Tritone and then we take Via della Stamperia, which following it all the way to the end, leads to the famous Trevi Fountain. Stop here to admire the stunning architecture of this fountain, but also for the classic throwing of the coin which, according to tradition, will ensure your return to Rome. We leave from the fountain by Via delle Menatte, cross Via del Corso and continue along Via di Pietra to the square of the same name to visit the great Temple of Hadrian. From here we cross Via Pastini and continue our walk as far as Piazza della Rotonda where the grandeur of the Pantheon can be admired. Leaving Piazza della Rotonda in the direction of the Salita dei Crescenzi, we then turn left and come to Piazza Sant'Eustachio where for coffee lovers we recommend a stop in the bar of the same name. We set off again for the next leg, passing near Palazzo Madama, the seat of the Italian Senate, and we immediately come to the busy and famous Piazza Navona.

Here and in the nearby streets, you will find a plethora of restaurants, pizzerias and ice cream parlors where you can have a pleasant break. We leave from Piazza Navona in the direction of Via Sant'Agnese in Agonia and Via di Tor Millina to reach the characteristic Caffè della Pace; from here by a series of narrow streets we arrive in Via dei Coronari, today known for its antique shops. Continuing along the street we arrive at the Tiber by the Ponte Sant'Angelo where Castel Sant'Angelo rises in all its grandeur. Here you can visit the museum of the same name with the Papal apartments, an important collection of ancient weapons and the secret passageway that connects the castle with the Vatican, often used by the Popes to escape from enemies. With your back to the Castle walk up Via della Conciliazione, with its many shops selling religious articles and souvenirs, until you reach the end of our walk at the Basilica of St. Peter, the symbol of Rome and Christianity. Among the many treasures of the Basilica we remember the majestic bronze canopy of Bernini, 29 meters high, Michelangelo's Pietà, the tomb of Clement XIII by Canova and Giotto's mosaic of the Navicella.

From the Spanish Steps to Piazza del Colosseo
A tour of Rome on foot to discover ancient Rome, a full day among the monuments of the Eternal City.

We start our tour of Rome on foot from our apartment hotel in Piazza di Spagna taking Via Condotti and following it until we reach Via del Corso, from where we head towards Piazza Venezia where the majesty of the Victor Emmanuel II Monument appears. We recommend you take one of the panoramic lifts that go up to the top of the Victor Emmanuel II Monument from whose terrace you can enjoy an exceptional view. We continue along Via del Teatro di Marcello to the foot of the steps of the Capitoline, the smallest of the seven hills of Rome, and arrive in Piazza del Campidoglio, decorated with Michelangelo's famous star with twelve points at the center of which you can admire the great equine statue, a perfect copy of the monument to Emperor Marcus Aurelius; we suggest you take a little time to visit the Capitoline Museums.

Continuing on with our walk from Piazza del Campidoglio we go along Via di San Pietro in Carcere from which you can enjoy a view of the area of the Imperial Forum from above. Having come down from the Capitoline Hill, you find yourself on Via dei Fori Imperiali which crosses one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, the Roman Forum. Continuing along Via dei Fori Imperiali you arrive at the monument that has always been the symbol of Rome, the Coliseum, with the Arch of Constantine beside it, the most famous Roman triumphal arch. We recommend the purchase of a "Roma Pass" card to avoid long queues.