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Villa Pamphili 2

Villa Pamphili

Moving a bit further from the historical center of Rome, with its 180 hectares, is the largest park in Rome: Villa Pamphili. Its area borders more than one neighborhood of Rome and like many other Roman parks it was born from the estate of a noble Roman family. The state of maintenance of the Villa Doria Pamphili is perfect, and inside you can admire the Casino del Bel Respiro, also called Allegrezze or delle Statue, with its secret garden.

The entire Villa is now owned by the City of Rome, with the exception of the Casino del Bel Respiro, acquired by the Italian State and currently the representative office of the Prime Minister. When the weather is good, you can discover this green belt of the city by bike: a fun ride that you can do by yourself or with one of the associations that organize trips and routes.

To finish, apart from the historic villas mentioned here, there are many other green areas, as well as land devoted to agriculture in the outskirts. Within the municipality of Rome are a number of regional parks and nature reserves, including the Appian Way Regional Park, the Marcigliana Nature Reserve, the Decima-Malafede Nature Reserve, the Roman Coast Nature Reserve, the Aniene Valley Nature Reserve and the Protected Marine Area of Tor Paterno.